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May 2008

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lisu_kitty in athli

Stopping dev work to do L-mag work

I won't be making anything for a while. Not only because I'm having a lack on creativity, but because I REALLY need to work on the Lolita Mag, especially since we've had a very important member quit. ^^;;

I'm late on the things I need to be working on, and the person who quit only gave me a few pages they finished. We have no articles or anything, so I have alot of work on my hands. I really want to continue this magazine.

With this person leaving, it basically leaves me in charge. So I may be recruiting a ton a people to help me soon. >.<

And when I say recruiting, I mean people that I would hope to stay with the magazine until they can't anymore. These people will help work on each new magazine, not just one and move on. But for now I just need to get this months issue out. T__T Which will be late... so.. yay ^^;;

All requests are put on hold, too.


Hmm...I wouldn't mind helping you out with it, I love doing things like that. I don't want to make any commitments though...you know how unreliable I've been lately. ^^;

But I'm willing to help where I can, if you want me to.

Yeah...that probably doesn't fit your description of recruiting. >.> But I am willing to help if you need some.