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May 2008

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lisu_kitty in athli

When good devs go bad

Sure, sometimes it's flattering. Sometimes it tells you that your work is so good, people just want it that much.

But it's also insulting.
When a really great developer you know of and really enjoy their work suddenly lets you down, it's disappointing.

I wouldn't have minded so much if they had asked, or maybe just one part of it, but they took and used the whole damn thing. Images, text color, even panel border design. It kinda makes me sick to my stomach. I haven't even had my new layout images that long!

I just don't understand WHY. They are a great developer with great items, they're even in the Developers Inc. group. There is no excuse to what they've done, because if they are that good, I know damn well they can make their own and be creative.

I went to their page to leave a message. They were gifted one of my products and I was going to say I hoped they were enjoying it. As soon as the page loaded, my heart just sank. I left them a message.
Then I realized who they were, and my stomach just churned. I left them another message, asking why such a good dev needs to take my layout.

I could be heartless and change the image links to something horrible, since she's even using the direct link from my photobucket... I've done it before. I may if she doesn't change it. >.>

I took a screen shot, in case she writes back denying, or unleashes claws at me. I don't know how this person will react. I wasn't mean in my messages, I wasn't rude.
I was forward, though.

People always confuse forwardness and sternness with rudeness. So I'm hoping they won't do that.
But if they do, I'm prepared. But my hopes are all on that she cooperates with me.

The last two who took something of mine did.

I received a message back, and all I really got was "I'm offended" and blah blah bleh. It had a little rude undertone on it, but I ignored it.
They referred to the bug everyone gets when they goto someone else's page. That is, you see your page instead of the others. If it's happened to you, then you know what I'm talking about. I've had it happen plenty of times, and I never accused anyone of taking my layout.. because I KNEW it was a bug.
This time it was hardly a bug, at least one I've gotten before. It was THEIR page, with all THEIR images/stickers/avi pic, BUT it had MY layout background images. For the main background, panel header background and panel body background. This was not the same error, if it was an error.

I told them and even sent them the link to the screen shot. I have yet to get a response.

After I had sent them the first message, it was about 5 minutes after I asked a friend to look at the page. They did not see it. I went and the background images were gone, it was just all black in the background areas.

So, either it really was a bug, or they took the 5 minutes to take everything down before they messaged me back. I don't know, and I'll never know. If anything were to start, it would be more of a "she-said-he-said" thing.

So yeah, moving on. ^^



That's terrible. *kicks stupid people*

Two questions:

1. How is it that I add entries to this?


2. There is this new groups thing on IMVU. Do you think we should make an official AthLi group or continue going the old way?