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May 2008

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lisu_kitty in athli

Dev work still on halt

Yes... my dev work is still at a stand still, but not because of the Lolita Magazine anymore, it's because of my computer. v.v

The Previewer and the IMVU client suddenly run extremely slow. They were laggyish before, but not like this. I've done everything I can think of to try and find/fix the problem.

I know part of it is because of my computer, it's old. But I just feel that there's something else that caused this. Why? Because Photoshop runs just fine.

This all started when I was on Gaia one day. They started this event with water balloons and junk. I went into one of the town things, it was ok at first, but it got really laggy after a bit when the town filled with people, so I left.
Then I went to the forums where the other half of the event was going on. I checked things out to see what the hype was all about. The forums were over whelmed with people, and it seemed that Gaia's servers were having trouble keeping up because I was having a hard time loading the forums, where as everything else was loading normally. I left there as well.

After all that, suddenly my computer runs slow on somethings, especially graphic type things, like IMVU chat and the games on Gaia. Everything was fine before this event thing that I just had to check out because I'm a curious kitty. =\

I feel like Gaia broke something on my computer, lol. But I'm not blaming it, as my computer is almost crap to begin with.

So, if you see me online on chat, I'm on my husband computer. I'm going to try and make some hair at least, or something that won't take too long. I miss making things. v.v